Why Us?

Small Business Accounting

Finding the right accountant can feel like an impossible task. Although every CPA must be licensed by the state, and is required to continue his or her education, not all CPAs are created equal

The Grapeson M. Wilson, CPA, LLC accounting team is wholeheartedly committed to providing our clientele with the best corporate accounting services in the city of Houston. Our dedication to high-quality service comes directly from the values of our founder and leader, Grapeson M. Wilson. He is both a Chartered Global Management Accountant and a Certified Public Accountant with over a decade’s worth of experience and ample credentials. His years of accounting experience lend him the ability to conduct impeccable work, in turn bolstering our reputation as one of the top public accounting firms in the Houston area.

Our Vision

Create Millionaires and Billionaires in an ethical manner – Wealth Maximization.

Create Jobs – Bring food on the table for billions of households across the globe by providing strategic advises to business owners and make them grow.

Sustained Local Economic Growth – Small businesses are the key for economic growth and job creation. Where ever our foot prints will be, our primary goal would be the sustainability of the local economy. We will be the fabric of the local community.

Our Mission

No matter the size of your company or the depth of your financial and accounting needs, we fully commit to serving you. We have worked with a variety of business sizes, ranging from small to moderate companies. We will work with larger corporations, as well. We have helped business owners during their growth stage from small to multi-million dollar revenue generators. You can never be too big or too small to receive our best services. That’s why we’re the best in Houston accounting services!

Our CPA Firm maintain flexibility to ensure we understand the needs of our clients. Our ultimate goal is to help them improve by keeping their finances on track. We aim for excellence so our clients can gain a keener insight on their business goals. We would like to act both as a rear view mirror and front view mirror for businesses. Our goal is to project the future for the business based on historical information and find ways to grow them.

What We Have to Offer

With Grapeson M. Wilson, CPA, LLC, our analytical skills can save you money. In business, what matters is not the numbers, but what the numbers are telling you. We show you the big picture, explain how to achieve your objectives, and work with you to bring those goals to life.

We offer initial consultations to any and every potential client, so you get the full scope of our services before you decide to hire us. Not only are our consultations comprehensive, but flexible.

If you’re interested in personal or corporate accounting services including strategic account management and professional account management services, contact us for a consultation. We are dedicated to helping you and your business flourish.