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Come out and watch the Tax Saver Series

New Tax Reform

Have you thought about how the new tax reform could help and how it works? Grapeson Wilson will talk to you about different aspects of the new tax reform through out the course.

Tax Tips

Are you looking for ways to save money? Grapeson Wilson gives some tips through the scenarios he talks about in the Tax Saver Series, through the lives of Joe and Gina.

Find the Benefit

1.You will learn one key strategy and four actionable steps to save tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the period of next several years.

2.The Case study of Joe & Gina to ponder your thoughts on renting vs. buying a home

3.Identify which group you belongs under new tax reform – saving taxes or paying more in taxes

Watch now!

Come out and watch the course to learn more about itemized deduction vs. standard deduction and when you should take them and tips on how to save money. Go to here to watch now.

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